Meet Sofia

Sofia Curkovic, A Trailblazer in Real Estate and Apartment Lease Ups

Meet Sofi, an exceptional force in the realm of real estate and apartment lease ups. With a Bachelors Degree in English from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL, Sofia embarked on a journey fueled by her passion for the industry.

Sofi’s expertise shines as she spearheads apartment lease-up projects across Florida and Philadelphia. Her profound dedication encompasses not only residential and commercial real estate but also a genuine desire to ensure the resounding success of multi-family developers in their apartment lease ups, propelling their returns to new heights within the first 12 months.

As a testament to her unrivaled knowledge, Sofia authored “The Make-It-Rain Formula For Every Apartment Lease Up.” This groundbreaking book guides apartment building owners and property management companies to achieve unparalleled success in their lease ups. Sofia unveils her remarkable sales conversion formula, boasting an impressive 40% or higher sales conversion rate. The insights she imparts have propelled community managers and leasing professionals to perform at the pinnacle of the apartment industry, placing them in the esteemed top 1%.

While Sofia dedicates a significant portion of her time to recruiting top-tier talent, teaching, and overseeing operations, she continues to push the boundaries of her capabilities. In her spare moments, you’ll find her fearlessly competing in bodybuilding competitions, captivating audiences with her captivating speeches on apartment rentals, and penning captivating books that delve into the complexities of sales conversion.

Sofia’s unique blend of expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment sets her apart as a true visionary in the world of real estate. Her unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results and her innate ability to inspire and empower others has earned her an esteemed position in the industry. If you’re seeking an outstanding leader to guide you through the world of real estate and apartment lease ups, Sofia is the one you need.
Sofia Curkovic