Cape Coral Property Services


Pricing for Property Services

Cape Coral Property Services is licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.  Your vacation home will appear on Vrbo.  When guests book your home, the booking fees funnel directly into your account. 
There is a monthly fee for property services, and a guest services fee that varies depending on what the homeowner desires for his vacationers. 

Cape Coral Property Services  books guests for you, and percentage of the booking fee is then invoiced to the homeowner.

The monthly fee for properties with vacationing guests start at $150 per month.   For each vacationer we provide:
  • One bottle of wine with fluted glass
  • Laundry pods
  • Dryer sheets
  • One hand soap for each bathroom
  • Two rolls of decorated toilet paper for each bathroom
  • One roll of paper towel for the kitchen
  • One bottle of dish soap
  • Dishwasher pods
Cape Coral Property Services believes that guests take better care of the the home when these items are provided.

 We now provide safe distancing with a digital check in and digital check out.  

​When a vacationing guest enters your home that has been prepped, they will have a light on outside, a light on in each room, soft music playing and a bottle of wine with two glasses delightfully fluted.   This will sit next to a binder giving the guest emergency phone numbers and information specific to the care of the home.   The binder also includes information a guest may find useful such as nearby grocery stores, beach locations, boat rentals and marina’s.   The guest gains access by using a keyless entry.  

All guest services require a cleaning fee upon the guests departure.   Cape Coral Property Services also provides lawn service, pool service and pest control.   These monthly services depend on the size of the home, and the services desired.  All services are scheduled and provided and then invoiced at the end of the month.

Additional fees include any repairs or maintenance of the home, and the homeowner is always advised of these services.   A threshold amount is included in the contract, so that some repairs or maintenance can be made in a timely manner due to pending guest arrival.

Pricing for Home Watch

Pricing for home watch varies depending on the size of the home, and how often the homeowner wants Cape Coral Property Services to respond.   Cape Coral Property Services can respond weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.   Watching the home can include checking both the outside and inside of the home, or just the outside of the house as the homeowner desires.   Once a week home watch services start at $199 per month, checking both inside and outside the home.   Please contact us to discuss your needs.