Sofia Curkovic


– Dependable Real Estate Broker in Florida and Philadelphia, PA –

Sofia received her Bachelors Degree in English at the Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL. Upon graduating, Sofia always knew she wanted to be involved in real estate.

Sofia leads apartment lease up projects throughout Florida as well as Philadelphia. Her passion not only lies in residential and commercial real estate, but also making sure that multi family developers find success in their apartment lease ups by increasing their returns exponentially in the first 12 months.

Sofia is the author of The Make-It-Rain Formula For Every Apartment Lease Up, which is a book that helps apartment building owners and property management companies be successful with their lease ups. Sofia shares how she is able to convert at a 40% or higher sales conversion. Her sales formula has helped other community managers and leasing professionals perform at the top 1% in the apartment industry!

Sofia spends the majority of her time recruiting talent, teaching, and overseeing operations. In her spare time, you can find Sofia competing at her bodybuilding competitions, speaking about apartment lease ups, and writing books on sales conversion.

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